49ers coach Kyle Shanahan: Dak Prescott has always been a challenge

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan: Dak Prescott has always been a challenge
49ers coach Kyle Shanahan: Dak Prescott has always been a challenge (Provided by Sport World News)

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan showed major respect for Dak Prescott as he admitted that it is always a challenge to stop the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. On Sunday, the 49ers will be hosting the Cowboys in the divisional round.

"Dak has always been a challenge. When you're a pure pocket passer who can make all the throws in there and read the defense really well and get the ball to the right spots and do it accurately. That's why he's had the career he has and when things do break down, he's got a knack for how to get out of that pocket and make some off-schedule plays.

That's why he has had such successful career so far," Shanahan said of Prescott, per 49ersWebZone.

49ers coach Shanahan shows major respect for Prescott

Last year, the 49ers and Cowboys met in the wild-card round. 12 months ago, the Cowboys were the hosts and they lost to the 49ers.

Even though the 49ers managed to move past the Cowboys in the playoffs last year, they are definitely not taking Prescott and company lightly ahead of this week's meeting. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wild-card round this Monday, Prescott had four touchdown passes and he was a big reason why the Cowboys ousted the Bucs on the road with a 31-14 score.

Two of those Prescott's four touchdown passes were caught by Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz. Going into the 49ers and Cowboys game, Shanahan admits Prescott and Schultz are a dangerous combination. "He's a good player. He does a really good job of stretching the defense vertically.

He gets down the seams very well and Dak does a real good job of hitting him when he is open, so when you have the route running ability and the hands that he's got and the quarterback he's got, he's a problem," Shanahan said of Schultz.

Last year, the 49ers figured out how to stop Prescott and beat the Cowboys in the postseason. It remains to be seen if they can stop Prescott again and progress into the NFC Championship Game.

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