Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott takes full blame for Cardinals loss

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Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott takes full blame for Cardinals loss

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott took blame for his team's Week 6 loss against the Arizona Cardinals. Elliott, considered as one of the best running backs in the league, fumbled the ball twice in a 38-10 loss to the Cardinals.

The Cardinals made the most out of Elliott's back-to-back fumbles in the first and second quarters as they scored two touchdowns to take a 14-0 lead. Two quick touchdowns by the Cardinals completely changed the game as the guests dominated the rest of the game to beat the Cowboys.

In Week 5, starting Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending compound fracture and dislocated right ankle. "I don't think we can use that as an excuse," Elliott said of not having Prescott, per ESPN.

"I'm just going to keep saying it over and over -- I started the game out with two fumbles, gave the ball away and gave them all the momentum they need to go take off. I want to say I'm sorry and this one is on me.

I need to be better. "I mean, when you're fumbling every game obviously teams are going to lock in on it and go for it even more," Elliott said. "That's even more of a reason I need to figure it out, man.

I don't want to keep talking about it, but I've got to figure out a way to figure it out."

Elliott OK with the Cowboys giving reps to Tony Pollard

After the second fumble, the Cowboys replaced Elliott with back up running back Pollard.

Pollard did a solid job and Elliott returned to the field after eight snaps. "I'm giving the ball away," Elliott said. "I wasn't helping my team. I think they did the right thing and gave some of those reps to [Pollard], but I can't do that.

I have to be a guy this team can lean on, especially at times like right now with so many of our starters hurt and not playing. So it's not acceptable, and I need to figure it out." Elliott, a three-time Pro Bowl running back, hopes to quickly forget his bad performance against the Cardinals.

On Sunday, the Cowboys play the Washington Football Team on the road and Elliott will be aiming to have a bounce back game. "I just got to have a short memory," Elliott said. "I've got to get that behind me and play some good ball and get on a roll."