Bears' Nick Foles: We'd rather win ugly than lose pretty

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Bears' Nick Foles: We'd rather win ugly than lose pretty

The Chicago Bears improved to 5-1 this season on Sunday but they are still not getting the respect the teams with that record are usually getting and quarterback Nick Foles is absolutely OK with that. Foles, who signed with the Bears in the offseason, started the season on the bench but replaced Mitch Trubisky by Week 4 in the starting lineup.

In Week 3, Foles replaced Trubisky in the lineup and helped Chicago overcome a 26-10 deficit as the Bears claimed a big 30-26 comeback win. After Foles led Chicago to a big comeback win over the Falcons, Bears coach Matt Naggy announced the 31-year-old as the team's starting quarterback going forward.

The Bears lost to the Indianapolis Colts in Foles' first start but then beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-19 and the Carolina Panthers 23-16, respectively. “Would you rather lose pretty or win ugly?”Foles said after the win over the Panthers, per Pro Football Talk.

“I think we’d rather win ugly. . . . Is this who we are offensively? We want to improve, we want to get better, we want to have rhythm. But ultimtately in the NFL it’s about winning games. It doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you get it done.

If you put up 50 points and you lose a game, those 50 points don’t mean anything."

Foles happy to be winning but believes the Bears could get better

"Right now, we’re winning games,” Foles said.

“We’re playing together as a team. We can improve. I think that’s exciting. If we were winning these games and playing perfect and they were this tight and we’re playing perfect, where do you improve?” The Bears will have a tough task in Week 7 as they travel to Los Angeles to meet the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

"I’m excited about our offense, I’m excited about the guys that are there,” Foles said. “I like the communication that’s happening on the sideline. I love the passion of the players. Most importantly, they care.

And we’re bonding. We’re getting to know each other. That’s football. You don’t just go out there and play football. You’ve gotta care about the man next to you to make those plays. So I like where we’re at.

I know we’re gonna improve. I believe in our staff, I believe in our players, and I’m really grateful to be a part of this organization”.