49ers' Brandon Aiyuk: Jimmy Garoppolo a baller, we knew he'd play great against Rams

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49ers' Brandon Aiyuk: Jimmy Garoppolo a baller, we knew he'd play great against Rams

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk insisted the whole believed their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would have a big game against the Los Angeles Rams. In Week 5, Garoppolo was benched at halftime against the Miami Dolphins after playing poorly and struggling with an injury.

This past Sunday, Garoppolo returned to the starting lineup and led the 49ers to a 24-16 win against the Rams, who came into the game with a 4-1 record. "Jimmy was hindered last week," Aiyuk said, per ESPN. "Jimmy is a baller, so we all knew that he was going to bounce back and play a great game.

This week in practice, you can see the urgency, especially in him, and he got back to being Jimmy." The 49ers were the big favorites against Miami in Week 5 but the Dolphins ended up claiming a dominant 43-17 win. "When you get embarrassed like that, you can find out a lot about your team," 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said.

"I was very impressed with the character of our team and the way they carried themselves and the way they came out to practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and really the way they responded to all of us getting embarrassed.

They tried to get better this week and not worry about anything else, and usually when you do that, you can put together those type of practices, usually the results are better, and I'm glad that they were because I thought they really earned it throughout the week and today."

Garoppolo says the 49ers as a whole did a great job

"Kyle is mixing all that stuff up like that, it makes it hard on defenses," Garoppolo said. "It's a pick-your-poison type of thing, and Kyle did a great job tonight putting us in good positions.

He was on point tonight, so it makes all of our jobs a lot easier." Garoppolo completed 23 of his 33 passing attempts for 268 yards, threw three touchdowns and zero interceptions. "I thought the O-line as a whole just did a phenomenal job," Garoppolo said.

"It started with the run game and then the pass game, the pockets were clean all night ... I didn't get hit very much, felt great coming out of this game. When the O-line plays like that, it sets a tone for our whole offense, and they did it tonight." The 49ers now have a 3-3 record.