Davante Adams on Derek Carr: He is the reason I'm a Raider now

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Davante Adams on Derek Carr: He is the reason I'm a Raider now

Davante Adams showed some support for Derek Carr as he admitted that his college teammate is the reason why he signed with the Las Vegas Raiders. Following a 13-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and falling to a 6-9 record, the Raiders announced this week they were benching Carr and naming Jarrett Stidham as their starting quarterback for the last two games.

Also, the Raiders announced that Carr will be away from the team for the remainder of the season to avoid distraction. By benching Carr and sending him home, it means that the Raiders have probably decided to part ways with the quarterback after the season.

"Obviously, I don't think anybody was excited about it in here. Him being one of my really good friends and the reason why I came here in the first place. I wouldn't be here right now if he wasn't here. Obviously I support my guy.

We've got to finish the season up the best way we can possibly with all things considered at this point," Adams said of Carr.

Adams: Carr is the reason why I came here

Adams and Carr played college football at Fresno State and since then they have had a good relationship.

In the offseason, Adams decided to leave the Green Bay Packers and sign with the Raiders. Adams' relationship with Carr played a key role in helping the Raiders secure the All-Pro wide receiver. "This man gave everything he had.

The reason I'm a Raider One of the most disciplined and loving people I know," Adams wrote on Instagram. After trading for Adams and making other offseason moves, the Raiders entered the 2022 season with big expectations.

In the end, their season turned into one big disappointment as the team likely won't even make the playoffs. In 2023, the Raiders will likely have a new starting quarterback and it remains to be seen how if will impact Adams' future in Las Vegas.