Broncos voice belief in struggling Russell Wilson, plan to keep him

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Broncos voice belief in struggling Russell Wilson, plan to keep him

Denver Broncos owner Greg Penner has voiced some belief in Russell Wilson as the team has no plans to move on from the quarterback in the offseason. After the 2021 season, the Broncos went all in on to acquire Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.

Instead of competing for the Super Bowl, the Broncos own a 4-11 record and have no chance of making the playoffs. Wilson's performances have been all but impressive as the quarterback has just 12 touchdown passes and nine interceptions.

"The decision to have Russell here is a long-term one. This season has not been up to his standards or expectations. We saw some glimpses of it in the last few weeks. He knows he can play better; we know he can play better; and we know he'll do the right work in the offseason to be ready for next year," Penner said, per ESPN.

The Broncos still believe in Wilson

This week, the Broncos announced they were dismissing first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Broncos general manager George Paton says that decision wasn't made solely based on Wilson.

Also, Paton said he feels Wilson's issues from this season are "fixable." "Russ even said he didn't play up to his standard. He'd be the first one to tell you he didn't play up to his standard, didn't play up to our standard, he needs to be better.

I don't think we made a coaching move based on Russ. That wasn't what it was all about, that's not why we're getting a new coach to turn around Russ. It's about the entire organization. It's not whether Russ is fixable or not. We do believe he is; we do," Paton said.

The Broncos entered the last offseason believing they were a good quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl. They gave up a lot to acquire Wilson but that move hasn't paid off at all so far.