Aaron Rodgers shares thoughts on Packers' winning streak

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Aaron Rodgers shares thoughts on Packers' winning streak
Aaron Rodgers shares thoughts on Packers' winning streak (Provided by Sport World News)

Aaron Rodgers admits his spirits have been lifted as he is happy about the Green Bay Packers finding their rhythm late in the season. On Sunday, the Packers defeated the Miami Dolphins on the road 26-23 to improve to 7-8 on the season.

In October and early November, the Packers had a run of five consecutive losses and their playoff chances were slim to none. Now, the Packers have won their last three games and given themselves a chance to make the playoffs.

If they win their last two regular season games, the Packers would likely make the postseason. "What do you think, pretty good? Yeah, getting better. A lot of things happened our way," Rodgers said, per ESPN.

Rodgers happy the Packers are playing 'meaningful' games

This week, the Packers are hosting the Minnesota Vikings.

In their regular season finale, they are playing the Detroit Lions on the road. "I'd like to be, you know, 10-5, 11-4, but considering where we were a few weeks ago, a lot of has happened in our favor. All the games that needed to go a certain way went a certain way.

Now, there's obviously much left [to do], but again, we've played meaningful games in December, we won all three of those. Now we're playing meaningful games in January, and we've got to win those," Rodgers said. Meanwhile, Rodgers said he is hoping rookie wide receiver Christian Watson will be ready for this week's game.

Watson, who has been one of Rodgers' favorite receivers in recent weeks, made six catches on eight targets before a hip injury forced him to leave the game before halftime. "Hopefully Christian's not too serious. I'm not sure what his status will be, but we had a lot of guys banged up today, and a lot of guys stepped up," Rodgers said.

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