JosH Jacobs expresses frustration after Raiders' latest loss


JosH Jacobs expresses frustration after Raiders' latest loss

Josh Jacobs didn't hide his frustration after the Las Vegas Raiders picked up yet another extremely frustrating and disappointing loss. On Saturday, the Steelers scored a late touchdown to clinch a 13-10 win over the Raiders.

The Raiders, who are 6-9 this season, have lost eight games this season by a touchdown or less. When the Steelers scored a touchdown with less than a minute left in the game, they took their first lead of the game. The Raiders' chances of making the playoffs are now slim to none and Jacobs is not happy.

“Yeah, man, it’s bulls---, for real. It’s bulls---. And it’s on us, you know? Everybody wanna talk about the defense before. They made their stops when they were supposed to. Shit, we’ve got to help them out.

And, you know, I’m tired of saying we’ve got to f------ help them out, and it’s just frustrating," Jacobs said after the game, as quoted on Pro Football Talk.

Jacobs not happy the Raiders went away from him

Jacobs, who had 15 carries for 44 rushing yards, suggested he wasn't happy the Raiders went away from the running game late in the game.

“We still had opportunities to make plays. I feel like in times where we was close and we felt like we was about to get a big one, we went away from it. You know, and the pass game was working early. So, you know, that is what it is, but to win these games, you know, especially in the stretch, especially you’re up, against a team like this in the cold, you’ve got to run the ball.

So that’s a factor on everybody involved, top to bottom," Jacobs added. One of the biggest reasons why the Raiders lost was Derek Carr throwing three interceptions. After throwing two interceptions earlier in the game, Carr also threw an interception inside the final minute and that sealed the Raiders' fate.