Dak Prescott ahead of Eagles game: Cowboys want to make a statement

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Dak Prescott ahead of Eagles game: Cowboys want to make a statement

Dak Prescott admits the Dallas Cowboys won't be lacking any motivation this Saturday as they want to make a statement against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys own a 10-4 record but they are still the second in their division since the Eagles own a 13-1 record.

Earlier this year, the Eagles defeated the Cowboys 26-17 but Prescott didn't play in that game. “If anything, it’s about making the statement to ourselves. As you look at the season, we’ve had some games where we played really well.

And we’ve had some games where we bit ourselves in the foot. So, this is about putting our best foot forward," Prescott said, per the team's website.

Prescott won't be going up against Jalen Hurts

Last Sunday, Hurts sustained a shoulder injury during a win over the Chicago Bears.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Hurts could miss the game versus the Cowboys. Now, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has officially confirmed that Gardner Minshew will be replacing injured Hurts as the starting quarterback this week.

“Gardner will be our guy and Gardner will be ready. Gardner worked his butt off for this opportunity against a really good football team. Had a great practice yesterday. I think you guys have all heard that, how good a practice he had yesterday — a lot of energy out there.

He’s ready to go," Sirianni said. The Eagles have all but sealed the NFC East title. Even if the Eagles don't beat the Cowboys this week, they will still likely win the division. Many feel that sitting out Hurts this week is a smart move by the Eagles, who will need their quarterback healthy for the playoffs.

“He’s disappointed because he wants to play. But we have to do what’s best as an organization to put us in a safe spot because he will play through anything. Those are hard conversations we have to have sometimes," Sirianni added. It remains to be seen if Prescott can lead the Cowboys to a victory this Saturday.

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