Chandler Jones: I gave Mac Jones nice stiff arm, the rest is history

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Chandler Jones: I gave Mac Jones nice stiff arm, the rest is history

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones suggested his goal was to bait New England Patriots wide receiver Jakoby Meyers into throwing the ball backward to one of his teammates. On Sunday, the Raiders scored one of the most stunning walk-off touchdowns to beat the Patriots 30-24.

On the final play of the game, the Patriots gave the ball to running back Rhamondre Stevenson. After realizing there was no time left on the clock and he was in no position to score a touchdown, Stevenson passed the ball to Meyers.

Meyers then tried a long backward pass to Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, but that pass was intercepted by Chandler Jones. The only one in front of Chandler Jones was Mac Jones as Chandler Jones stiffed arm Mac Jones on his way to scoring a walk-off touchdown.

Chandler Jones on the stunning play that gave the Raiders a win

“Instead of pursuing the ball, I just started playing back into saying, alright who’s the next passer? Who could they possibly throw it to next that’s behind the line of scrimmage? Because they’re playing this whole hot potato game.

Sure enough, I saw Jakobi Meyers kinda look back at Mac Jones, the quarterback. He was standing in the middle of the field. I literally just jumped up when I saw the ball coming, intended for Mac. Mac was kind of standing there, looking at me with big eyes.

I literally just jumped up and intercepted it. I just gave Mac a nice stiff arm with my right hand. The rest was history," Jones told Peter King on Football Morning in America, per Pro Football Tačk. With their win over the Patriots, the Raiders now own a 6-8 record and are still in contention to make the playoffs. This week, the Raiders will be playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road.