Kirk Cousins: I didn't know we were staging biggest comeback in NFL history


Kirk Cousins: I didn't know we were staging biggest comeback in NFL history

Krik Cousins revealed he wasn't aware that the Minnesota Vikings were making impressive history in their stunning comeback win over the Indianapolis Colts. The Vikings, who were 33-0 down at the half, ended up beating the Colts in overtime 39-36.

By erasing a 33-point deficit, the Vikings became the team that has staged the biggest comeback in NFL history. 30 years ago, the Buffalo Bills erased a 32-point deficit in a win over the Oilers. “I knew it was 35–3.

I knew it was 35–3, but I assumed that it was 35–0 before it was 35–3," Cousins told Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

Cousins: This is a special group

In the second half, the Vikings scored five touchdowns, had a successful two-point conversion.

Then, they kicked a successful game-winning field goal in the overtime. With their win, the Vikings improved to 11-3 and clinched the NFC North. “That just doesn’t happen to average people. And this team has been uncommon and has displayed an uncommon level of chemistry with one another, toughness and I think it was on display today," Cousins said.

Meanwhile, Colts quarterback Matt Ryan has again ended on the wrong side of history. Five years ago, Ryan was the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons team that blew a 28-3 Super Bowl lead against the New England Patriots.

Now, Ryan was a part of the Colts team that allowed the largest comeback in NFL history. “I’ve played in this league a long time to know that a lot of different things can happen. Anything can happen. You just have to keep your head down and keep going and find ways to make plays when they present themselves.

It’s not much. It’s a handful of plays in a game. It’s three or four plays from an offensive perspective that we’ve got to find ways to execute, and it’s a win. We just didn’t make them," Ryan said.