49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo: High ankle sprains sick, I'll play against Rams

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49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo: High ankle sprains sick, I'll play against Rams

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has shared a positive update on his ankle as he expects to be ready for Sunday Night Football matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Garoppolo, who returned to game action last week after being sidelined in Weeks 3 and 4, struggled against the Miami Dolphins as he was clearly still bothered by the ankle injury.

"As far as the ankle, it's feeling great this week," Garoppolo said, per ESPN. "It really is. It's made a lot of improvements, just that couple extra days it consistently gets better. So, just one of those things you have just got to keep working at it."

Garoppolo thought he was ready to play the Dolphins but that wasn't the case. Garoppolo struggled to drive the ball down the field and the Dolphins claimed a shock 43-17 win. At halftime, Garoppolo was benched as he was replaced by quarterback C.J.

Beathard. "They suck," Garoppolo said of high ankle sprains. "They're not very fun. I always thought a high ankle was like a normal ankle sprain so you learn something new every day, I guess."

Coach Kyle Shanahan expects a good game from Garoppolo

"I'm not thinking about the ankle and I don't think he is going into the game," 49ers Shanahan said.

"I think you try to get to a point where you're healthy enough to play, which a lot of guys are at but a lot of guys have injuries they've got to play through. ... I think Jimmy's in a better spot this week than he was last week, so I don't think about the ankle in that case.

I expect him to go out and play well and that's how I'll judge him." After Garoppolo was benched at halftime against the Dolphins, it came as a big shock. But after the game 49ers coach Shanahan said it was simply to keep Garoppolo from further injury.

"Just the way the whole game was going," Shanahan said of his decision to bench Garoppolo, per ESPN. "Just kind of watching how we were playing as a whole, how he was playing. You could tell he was affected by his ankle.

... But I know he doesn't normally throw the ball that way, and I think he was struggling a little bit because of it and the way the game was going, that I wasn't going to keep putting him in those positions knowing we were going to have to throw it a lot to come back."