Micah Parsons not impressed with Jalen Hurts MVP talk: Is it Hurts or Eagles?

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Micah Parsons not impressed with Jalen Hurts MVP talk: Is it Hurts or Eagles?

Dallas Cowboys star pass rusher Micah Parsons appeared to question the Jalen Hurts MVP talk. With 12 wins and just one loss, the Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the NFL and are the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

On the season, Hurts has thrown 22 touchdowns and just three interceptions. Also, Hurts became the first quarterback in NFL history to collect double-digit rushing touchdowns in two consecutive seasons. "Is it Hurts or the team? I'm not trying to make no enemies.

I just love the game so much. And I understand it so much that, like, I can't — when things are off, I just can't hold it in. I almost gotta say something," Parsons said during his conversation with Von Miller on The Voncast.

Parsons questions the Hurts MVP talk

While Parsons doesn't seem to think that Hurts should be the MVP, the Eagles quarterback has the support from his teammates. Eagles star wideout A.J. Brown insists Hurts doesn't really care about the MVP award, but the team feels he should win it.

"He doesn't really care about the MVP, but we're all rooting for him to win it. We're definitely trying to do our part and make sure we keep this thing rolling. We have to keep winning games, because that's a deciding factor in it, too.

He's just been locked in. A couple weeks ago they took away the pass and he ran. The other week it was vice versa. That just tells you how locked in he is. I know it's a tight race between him and (Patrick) Mahomes and Mahomes is a good quarterback, too, but half the games that we played in Jalen Hurts didn't play in the second half. That has to be the edge," Brown said on CBS Sports' All Things Covered podcast.