Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gives Odell Beckham update after meeting with star WR

Free agent Beckham met with the Cowboys on Monday.

by Dzevad Mesic
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gives Odell Beckham update after meeting with star WR

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones underlined that the Cowboys signing Odell Beckham is still far from being done. On Monday, Jones met with Beckham, who is the biggest free agent name on the market. Beckham, who played great for the Los Angeles Rams last season before tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl, met with Jones and some Cowboys players on Monday.

After the meeting, Beckham and Cowboys stars, Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs, together watched the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns game in Dallas. "By no means are we at a position to say 'close' or where we are. We're just discussing the many options that are there," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan.

Jones on how confident he is in signing Beckham

Beckham hasn't played in any games this season and he hasn't had any workouts. When Jones was asked how confident he was in signing a player coming off that injury, Jones suggested he first needs to see Beckham in action before he believes he is the same player.

“I’m not confident at all. And, so, that’s the issue. Now, we all realize that issue of health, that issue of availability is here every time. Just this one is very obvious and very pointed toward his injury that occurred last year in the Super Bowl.

We got a good bead on that. We got a great read on his career. It’s not like a draft pick coming at you. You got a lot of history here and you can take a good look at, not only the obvious and that’s his performance, but also any issues regarding health.

So, all of this we got to come in with our eyes wide open and it has to be addressed, and that’s when you can see if you can make a deal or not," Jones explained. Still, the Cowboys have been showing major interest in Beckham over the last few weeks.

Beckham is believed to be still among the best wideouts in the game and Jones is aware that adding a player of that calibre could definitely benefit the team. "I just think this is an opportunity that is rare because of his availability.

But one way or the other, there's not a failure here. I'm talking about the actual signing or not signing. There's not disappointment here. If this thing works, it will improve this team now. It will improve it this year. If we don't have that, then we're in a positive situation as well.

It has to improve us now. You know that's a pretty tall order. And it has to improve us in a way that makes sense for us as we look not only this year but as it impacts the years to come relative to the financial aspect of it," Jones said. It remains to be seen where will Beckham end up.

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