Here is why Ezekiel Elliott didn't start for Cowboys on Sunday

Tony Pollard started the game as Elliott came off the bench.

by Dzevad Mesic
Here is why Ezekiel Elliott didn't start for Cowboys on Sunday

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed Ezekiel Elliott didn't start Sunday's game versus the Indianapolis Colts due to a minor disciplinary move. Elliott, who was drafted in the 2016 NFL draft, started in each of his first 97 NFL games.

On Sunday Night Football, Elliott came off the bench in a 54-19 win over the Colts. After the game, the reporters were quick to ask Jones why Tony Pollard got the start over Elliott. “There was a little issue he had with his coach and some discipline issues — being tardy for a meeting or a phone going off or something serious, relative to Zeke, but I won’t get into that, but I’m not giving out that punishment.

I’d be a lot more lenient than that," Jones said, per Pro Football Talk.

Jones suggests Elliott did a minor transgression

“That was not a demotion as to [not being] the first one on the field. That had more to do with your phone going off at the wrong time, those types of things.

Nothing of consequence. Be sure and mention that. No behavior issues," Jones added. Even though Elliott came off the bench, he received more carries than Pollard. Elliott carried the ball 17 times for 77 rushing yards and a touchdown.

On the other side, Pollard has 12 carries for 91 yards and two touchdowns. After the game, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott saw some positives in Elliott coming off the bench. “We wanted to change it up. And he said going in there second, those guys weren’t as fresh, and he was able to bully up on them a little bit more than usual.

At this point, I don’t think it matters who goes in there on the first play of the game. I mean especially now that you’ve said that, whatever streak that is, it’s out the window and doesn’t matter. Those two guys have zero ego.

They’re each other’s biggest supporters and biggest fans. They’re a special duo," Prescott said. Today, the Cowboys are meeting free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham. The Cowboys, who had a dominant performance versus the Colts, sent a great message to Beckham ahead of their meeting.

It remains to be seen if Beckham will now decide to take his talents to Dallas and help the Cowboys in their bid to win the Super Bowl.

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