Rams coach Sean McVay reveals latest regarding Matthew Stafford

Stafford sat out last week because he was in the concussion protocol.

by Dzevad Mesic
Rams coach Sean McVay reveals latest regarding Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has cleared the concussion protocol but Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has announced that he will not play against the Seattle Seahawks. Two weeks ago, Stafford cleared the concussion and suited up against the New Orleans Saints.

But Stafford then again sustained a concussion and sat out last week's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. This week, the Rams are playing the Seahawks and they plan to start John Wolford at the starting quarterback position.

"I think there's so many layers to [that decision]. There's so much thought and dialogue that goes into it, but I think first and foremost it's got to get cleared from the medical experts. I'm not the expert in that arena, but if there's any sort of sense of, this is something that it'll be better served in the long term or it's going to be a few more weeks, things like that, I think that'll end up kind of taking care of itself," McVay explained, per ESPN.

McVay on Stafford's availability

The Rams own a disappointing 3-8 record and many believe that the Rams will sit out Stafford for the remainder of the season. The Rams are also dealing with injuries to star wide receiver Cooper Kupp and star defensive end Aaron Donald.

But when asked if Stafford will play again this year, McVay claimed the quarterback will do his best to return to the field. "I know him. If there's any inkling that he can play, this guy's going to want to play. Now [there is a] possibility that we say, 'based on what we're gathering, the doctors, those types of things, the smart thing is to not play you.'

And he could be upset with me, but I think he knows that I have his best interest and we have his best interest. And if that's the case, then that's definitely a possibility. But he's going to want to play. He's going to want to do everything in his power to be out there and compete with his teammates and do the things that's made Matthew Stafford, Matthew Stafford," McVay said.

After winning the Super Bowl last year, the Rams were hoping for another great run this year. Unfortunately for the Rams, their season has been a disappointment so far and they will likely miss out on the playoffs.

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