Darius Slay gives verdict on Jordan Love's play after replacing Aaron Rodgers

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Darius Slay gives verdict on Jordan Love's play after replacing Aaron Rodgers

Four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay says the Green Bay Packers have a bright future with Jordan Love. On Sunday Night Football, reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers sustained a rib injury and was forced to leave the game.

Rodgers was replaced by Love, who led the Packers to a touchdown and a field goal in his two drives. Even though the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Packers 40-33, it was promising for the Packers to see 2020 first-round pick Love showing some brilliance.

Slay, who is considered as one of the best cornerbacks in the league, praised Love for how he played after replacing Rodgers. "As a defense, when A-Rod goes out, we feel great. That's one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, so if he goes out, we have to go out there and really get after it.

The D-line gets a little hungrier because they know with a young buck coming in they can get after the quarterback since A-Rod makes a lot of checks and communication at the line of scrimmage, that's hard to sack. Young buck [Jordan Love] comes in and actually does a very, very solid job.

Green Bay got a bright, bright future, like a bright one because buddy [Love] was slinging it," Slay said on his "Big Play Slay" podcast, as quoted on CBS Sports.

Slay: Love reminded a bit of Rodgers

Love, 24, is currently in his third season in the NFL.

For the past three seasons, Love has been learning under Rodgers, who is considered an all-time great. Slay thinks Love has certainly learned a thing or two from Rodgers. "I ain't going to lie it low-key looked like A-Rod, like he's [Love] been learning a lot.

It should be a blessing for him to be behind a GOAT and learning like that at a high level. He's a talented kid as well, he's a first-round draft pick, has a lot of talent. He just has to wait his time, just how A-Rod waited his time for Brett Favre.

His time is going to come, and you can see the gun-slinging mentality he had just like him [Rodgers]. With the quick release and the flick, picking the back leg up, he's [Love] copy and pasting him [Rodgers] for sure. That's a great player [Rodgers] to be copy and pasting from," Slay added.