NFL insider reveals injury update on Von Miller

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NFL insider reveals injury update on Von Miller

Von Miller hasn't sustained a torn ACL injury but his knee injury is still being evaluated, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. On Thanksgiving, Miller sustained a knee injury during the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions game in Detroit.

With less than three minutes before halftime, Miller sustained an injury - he then spent several minutes in the tent before being carted off the field. The Bills managed to beat the Lions 28-25 but Miller's injury left the Bills and their fans worried.

Luckily, Miller avoided the worst case scenario but it is still unclear when he will be able to return to action. However, it has already been announced that Miller won't be suiting up for the Bills when they meet the New England Patriots next Thursday.

With Miller sidelined, Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver is hoping Miller stays around the team as he feels Miller can help the team just by his presence. "If he misses a couple games or whatever, or if he's playing next week, I just hope he's still around.

I hope his presence, I hope he's still leading us from the sidelines. You got a guy like that -- it don't matter whether he playing, watching or coaching, it don't matter -- just having his presence, having his positive energy, the way he carry himself, like the messages that he portray to us.

And just having a guy like that around is infectious," Oliver said.

Next man up in the Miller absence

Miller is currently the third in the league in quarterback pressures as he has 38 on the season. The Bills currently have two more pass rushers injured as Shaq Lawson and Boogie Basham are the only two healthy pass rushers on the team.

The Bills addressed the issue a bit by calling pass rusher Mike Love from the practice squad. While Miller and some other pass rushers are injured, Lawson says the mentality is "next man up." "Next man up. I mean, shoot, everybody put their socks and drawers on too.

So, I mean, nobody really blinked, like we just had the next man up. I was just ready for the moment. I was taking the most of my opportunity," Lawson said. Meanwhile, Bills head coach Sean McDermott pretty much said the same as Lawson.

"[Miller's] a future Hall of Famer for a reason. That said, we've got to move forward this week. And the person or the people responsible to step in and step up have got to do the job, and that's the way it goes," McDermott said after Miller went down injured.