Colts owner Jim Irsay responds to claims that Frank Reich firing was personal

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Colts owner Jim Irsay responds to claims that Frank Reich firing was personal

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay insists that the firing of Frank Reich definitely wasn't something personal. In early November, the Colts dismissed Reich as their head coach. This past Sunday, the Colts suffered a 17-16 defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nick Sirianni, who is currently the coach of the Eagles, was a former Colts assistant and he used to be mentored by Reich. After beating the Colts, Sirianni was yelling toward the Colts crowd: "That s--- was for Frank Reich." Also, Sirianni suggested after the game that Reich wasn't fired because of his performance.

"You don't want to know what I think of if he should be here or not, but you guys can probably imagine what I really think," Sirianni said.

Irsay strongly defends himself from the recent claims

"Frank is a treasured friend of my family and all my daughters.

We go back a long, long way. I'm very, very close to Frank, and I've known Frank for many decades. He's like family. I've been doing this for over 50 years, and I've never, ever, ever, ever given a coach an extension when there's two years left on the contract But [I did it] because of the closeness with him and our family, and because I hoped that maybe it would be something that would help strengthen him in his position and his own belief," Irsay said, per ESPN.

In 2005, the Colts moved on from Hall of Fame running back Edgerrin James because they couldn't give the running back the money he was seeking. Even though the Colts wanted to keep James, they felt that moving on from his was the right thing to do.

Now, Irsay suggests that even though he is good friends with Reich, he felt that making a change of scenery was something the team needed. "I had to tell Edgerrin James that there wasn't gonna be a contract. And he still asked me to present him for the Hall of Fame because people understand.

I just think that has to be clarified because I don't know where anything personal gets in terms of the organization, as if we wronged someone. You have to make a decision that's in the best interest, in your belief, of the franchise going forward.

It's not personal," Irsay added. After Reich was fired, the Colts announced Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach. Saturday had no previous NFL or college experience but he is 1-1 in his first two games with the Colts.