Zach Wilson reveals how he feels about being benched by Jets

Wilson's poor performances and attitude have placed him on the bench.

by Dzevad Mesic
Zach Wilson reveals how he feels about being benched by Jets

Zach Wilson claimed he felt sick in his stomach after seeing the backlash he caused following his post-game comments after a loss to the New England Patriots. On Sunday, the Jets suffered a 10-3 defeat to the New England Patriots.

The Jets' defense held the Patriots to just 10 points, but the Jets' offense didn't get the job done - specifically Wilson. After the game, Wilson was asked whether he let his defense down. After Wilson replied with a no, he immediately started receiving criticism from the NFL community as many couldn't believe that he didn't want to take the responsibility for the team's loss.

Now, Wilson is being benched and he will be replaced by Mike White. This week, Wilson talked to his teammates and apologized for his post-game attitude. "I had a sick feeling in my stomach It was the only thing I could think of the last couple of days.

I wanted the opportunity to talk to those guys and really make it from the heart," Wilson said.

Wilson not surprised by being benched

This season, Wilson has just four touchdown passes and five interceptions. Those stats are far from the stat you expect to see from a starting quarterback in the NFL.

"You know what? I wouldn't say [I was] necessarily surprised because I haven't been doing my job. Of course, I would like to not agree with the decision and everything, but it comes down to I have to play better," Wilson explained.

Also, Wilson admitted that he deserved to get benched following his post-game comments made on Sunday. "It's deserved. The way that I handled the situation wasn't right. I've got to be a better football player and then I've got to be a better leader for these guys.

I have an opportunity to turn the page here as a player and a leader," Wilson admitted. Meanwhile, Jets head coach Robert Saleh said it was good to see Wilson accepting some responsibility. "Is it a small step back? Absolutely.

But do I think it's going to be a great leap forward when he gets a chance to reset himself? Absolutely. So, this is not putting a nail in his coffin. This is not that. This is not close to that. But I do believe, at the end of this, it's going to be a rejuvenated, renewed young man," Saleh said of Wilson.

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