Jets HC Adam Gase addresses shock Le'Veon Bell release

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Jets HC Adam Gase addresses shock Le'Veon Bell release

New York Jets coach Adam Gase wasn't particularly interested in explaining the reasons behind the team's shock decision to release three-time Pro Bowl running back Le'Veon Bell. Bell was the biggest Jets acquisition of the 2018 offseason as, at the time, the team handed him a four-year deal worth 52.5 million.

Bell, who came to the Jets with high expectations, put his career low numbers during his tenure in New York and this week the team decided to release him after failing to find a trade partner. "It's irrelevant at this point," Gase insisted when responding to the perception that he misused Bell, per ESPN.

"I'm sure he'll get an opportunity somewhere else, and we'll see what happens."

Gase admits it didn't work out for Bell and the Jets

"It didn't work out," Gase said of Bell's tenure in New York.

"We're going to focus on this game right now." Jets coach Gase wants to put the Bell tenure behind and focus on how to improve the team's position after a 0-5 start. "At the end of the day, offensively, we haven't really done a whole bunch to really impress anybody right now," Gase noted.

"We have a lot of things that we have to get corrected and a lot of things we have to do better. We've got to coach better, we've got to play better. That's really as an entire team." Meanwhile, Jets quarterback Sam Darnold spoke positively of Bell.

"Le'Veon's a good player," Darnold said. "Obviously, we're going to miss him. It definitely hurts us in some ways, but in other ways ... you know, again, Le'Veon's a really good player and we wish him nothing but the best."

Bell reportedly wants to sign with a contender for the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers, who fell just short in last year's Super Bowl, don't appear to be interested in signing Bell. "I’m good with all our guys,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters when asked about the possibility of signing Bell, per Pro Football Talk.

“So, even if Raheem [Mostert] wasn’t back [from a knee injury], I don’t think that would change much. I think we’ve got pretty good depth and I know we’re going to get Tevin [Coleman] back soon, too, hopefully.

Raheem played, I thought Raheem played great. I thought he was probably the best football player on the field on Sunday and wish we could have got the ball to him more, but you could tell he was ready to go”.