Justin Jefferson gets straight honest after Vikings' brutal loss to Cowboys

The Cowboys destroyed the Cowboys with a 40-3.

by Dzevad Mesic
Justin Jefferson gets straight honest after Vikings' brutal loss to Cowboys

Justin Jefferson admitted that the Minnesota Vikings got "embarrassed" by the Dallas Cowboys and that the Vikings' performance was a "disaster all around." On Sunday, the Vikings got demolished by the Cowboys on their home field as Dallas claimed a 40-3 victory.

One of the big reasons why the Vikings weren't able to get any momentum on the offensive side of the ball was the Cowboys' pass rush. Cousins was sacked a total of seven times - the most sacks he has ever taken in one game.

"It's tough with Kirk getting sacked before you're even getting out of the break. It's definitely being in a tough situation, but we've just got to move toward more quick game, getting the ball out quicker, putting the ball in space and letting people work, just things we need to adjust on just throughout the game.

If things are not working out the way we planned, then we need to find a way to adjust and go toward something that will work better for us. We just can't continue to keep doing the same thing throughout the game even though it's not working.

But we've got to be better as a whole team. It's good because we have a chance to do that in three days," Jefferson explained, as quoted on ESPN.

Jefferson hoping the Vikings bounce back this Thursday

On Thanksgiving, the Vikings will be taking on the New England Patriots.

Going into the Patriots game, Jefferson is just hoping he and his teammates bounce back after a disastrous performance versus the Cowboys. "I mean, it just sucks that we lost this bad. If we just lost by three, seven, 10 points, it wouldn't be as bad.

People lose games. We're not expected to go undefeated for the rest of the season. Things happen. It's the NFL. There's good teams that we're playing. But it's just the fact that we lost by 37 points at home. It's just embarrassing being in that type of situation and we just didn't play good in all phases.

That's what really killed us and made us act the way we're acting now. We've just got to get that taste out of our mouth. We didn't play good at all. We just want to get to Thursday [and] have a chance to get that taste out of our mouth and play better," Jefferson added.

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