Jerry Jones makes claim about Cowboys after demolition of Vikings

The Cowboys put up a monstrous performance versus the Vikings.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jerry Jones makes claim about Cowboys after demolition of Vikings

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was thrilled with the performance his players delivered on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings as he has no doubt that the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders. On Sunday, the Cowboys destroyed the Vikings 40-3 on the road.

Following their latest win, the Cowboys improved to 7-3 on the season. The Cowboys are now the second-ranked team in the NFC East, just after the Philadelphia Eagles who own a 9-1 record. "A resounding yes. Yes. Unequivocally.

I think we've had adversity. We very easily could have more adversity. Yes, I think if we use the experience of what we're having in the season, then we're going to be playoff ready. But I sure do think that what I see out here right now is the team like that you could go get a Super Bowl with," Jones said.

Jones happy with how the Cowboys bounced back

A week earlier, the Cowboys had a 28-14 lead over the Green Bay Packers. Then, the Cowboys suffered a stunning collapse and ended up losing the game in overtime. Jones, who was extremely frustrated after the Packers game, was happy with how his team responded against the Vikings.

"I too thought this game was going to tell us what we are. I don't know that we're that. I really don't. But I know this, that we're not a team that doesn't respond when it's wounded. Everybody thought against the Packers that we underplayed, and I think you saw what happened when we got out here tonight and the team all came together.

We'll build from this," Jones explained. Meanwhile, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was also happy with how his team bounced back this past Sunday. "We had a good week. I think it's always rewarding as a football team when your process lines up with your performance.

We wanted to come in here and play a complete game. We did. We had all the respect for these guys. They've been extremely productive on film, and we knew we needed to play at a high level today -- and we did," McCarthy said. Now, the Cowboys don't have much time to rest as on Thanksgiving they are hosting the New York Giants.

The Giants, who are the Cowboys' division rivals, also own a 7-3 record. It remains to be seen if the Cowboys can beat the Giants and clinch their eighth win of the season.

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