Tom Brady answers if he regrets decision to return to football


Tom Brady answers if he regrets decision to return to football

Tom Brady insists he has zero regrets over deciding to return to football. Brady, 45, announced his retirement from football on February 1. Just 40 days later, Brady announced he was un-retiring and returning for his 23rd season in the NFL.

Since then, it hasn't been all great for Brady, who recently signed divorce papers with his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. Also, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just 4-5 and they haven't had the start to the season they were hoping for.

This week, Brady was directly asked whether he had any regrets about coming back to football. “I returned because I felt like I wanted to compete and I spoke to the team about it and they were excited to have me back.

I don’t really regret those types of things—I think when I commit to it, I mean it and I do my best and try to give everything I can to this particular opportunity," Brady said, per Sports Illustrated.

Brady on the challenges he has faced in recent time

After two months of rumors that Brady was going through marital problems, Brady and his wife officially separated two weeks ago.

When Brady was asked about dealing with on and off the field challenges, he underlined he had to keep it as professional as he could.
"I've always tried to do the best I could do here [at the Bucs' facility], and then when I leave here, I try to do the best I can do.

That's what we all try to do. I'm sure everyone sitting in this room, everyone sitting at home, is trying to wake up every day doing the best they could do for their families and their career. And I'm no different. So just do the best you can do every day.

We certainly try to do," Brady said of the challenges he has faced. At least, the Buccaneers ended their three-game losing streak when they defeated the Los Angeles Rams 16-13 last Sunday. During his weekly appearance on hid podcast, Brady underlined the Buccaneers have a long way of correcting their season and accomplishing their ultimate goal.

“I think everything has been below the line this year. I don’t think there’s any reason to be happy about anything we’ve done. Obviously, we are not playing to our standards –we’re not there from an effort standpoint, execution standpoint, emotional standpoint. We’ve got to figure it out," Brady said.

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