Two ex-Green Bay stars think Aaron Rodgers could get benched

Rodgers has been struggling with his play as the Packers have lost five straight games.

by Dzevad Mesic
Two ex-Green Bay stars think Aaron Rodgers could get benched

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings says the Packers could definitely bench Aaron Rodgers if the reigning NFL MVP continues to struggle. After their first nine games of the season, the Packers are sitting at 3-6 and they have lost their last five games.

The Packers lost some key players in the offseason but Rodgers also hasn't been impressive in the first half of the season. With Rodgers struggling and Green Bay losing games, some feel the Packers could turn to Jordan Love, the quarterback they selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft.

"Of course. Sooner rather than later. Look at their schedule. In the next three games, you've got the Cowboys coming in this week, you've got the Titans coming in a few days later, and then you've got to go to Philly to face the Eagles.

I believe, if they lose two out of these three games, which they could lose all three, it's done. You've got to see what Jordan Love can do. You've got to give him an opportunity," Jennings said on The Cartoon Show, per CBS Sports.

Jennings, LeRoy Butler think the Packers could bench Rodgers

Butler, a former four-time All-Pro safety who spent his entire career with the Packers, feels his ex-team could bench Rodgers and give some playing time to Love.

"After that point, if you've lost those games, you've got to get Jordan Love in there at some point, because there's no playoffs. I mean, there's no playoffs, you're not in the playoffs. You have to find out at some point can Jordan Love play because you can't get rid of Aaron Rodgers because of his contract.

But you can find a way to get Jordan Love some work to just kind of find out what you're going to have in a few years," Butler said. In last week's 15-9 loss to the Detroit Lions, Rodgers finished 23-of-43 for 291 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions.

Rodgers, who was heavily criticized for his play, addressed the criticism during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. “Two of the interceptions weren't great throws. There’s a lot that goes into each play that could either avoid some of that thing or sometimes guys can screw parts of the play up and you can make a great throw, make up for all of it.

I've thrown touchdown passes many times and I don't give a s--- what any of these experts on TV have to say," Rodgers said.

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