Davante Adams openly tells Raiders what he wants them to do

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Davante Adams openly tells Raiders what he wants them to do

Davante Adams is no hiding that he wants the Las Vegas Raiders to get him the ball more as he has underlined that the Raiders "paid me to come here and make plays." Last Sunday, Adams got off to a great start versus the Jacksonville Jaguars as he caught eight passes for 146 yards and two touchdowns.

In the second half, Adams caught just one ball for no gain as the Raiders ended up blowing a 17-point lead versus the Jaguars. On the season, Adams has 48 catches for 658 yards and seven touchdowns. On paper, those are not bad numbers but the reality is different.

There have been quarters and halves where Adams looked non-existent on the field because the Raiders refused to go to Adams when rivals decided to double-team him. The Raiders own a disappointing 2-6 record and Adams has made it clear it is time for the Raiders to get him the ball more.

“At the end of the day, if we’re just going to concede and say, ‘Oh, they double-teamed Tae, so it’s forcing the ball to him if we threw it to him,’ then I’ve got no business being in this building, because that’s what teams are going to do.

So, if you think that the only way I’m going to get the ball is when I’m singled up, then I’m going to have four catches on the year," Adams said, per The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Adams to the Raiders: Force if you have to

There were games this season when rivals decided to double-team Adams and see what would the Raiders do.

In those cases, the Raiders mostly decided against going to Adams. When asked how to get him more involved without forcing anything, Adams answered that the Raiders should force him the ball if that's needed. “I’d like to force it.

It is what it is. Nothing has been forced this year at all. I’ve had multiple games with like two catches, so I don’t think that we should be talking about me getting the ball forced to me. Like, that’s ridiculous.

I think that when you have certain players, you do what you can do to get them opportunities, and that’s why I’m here. That’s why they paid me to come here and make plays," Adams explained. Also, Adams underlined he doesn't need a ton of targets per half but also added that having a low number of targets is unacceptable.