Jalen Ramsey comments on Cam Akers-Rams situation


Jalen Ramsey comments on Cam Akers-Rams situation
Jalen Ramsey comments on Cam Akers-Rams situation

Jalen Ramsey insists he wishes Cam Akers nothing but the best regardless of the outcome of his situation with the Los Angeles Rams. Three weeks ago, the Rams indicated that Akers would be away from the team and that they were seeking a trade partner.

Earlier this week, the NFL trade deadline expired. The Rams weren't happy about the offers they receiver for Akers and reportedly kept the running back with the hopes of mending their relationship and talking him into playing for the team again.

“At the end of the day, I want what’s best for Cam. I don’t really care about nothing else. I want what’s best for Cam the person. He’s a great player and I love to have him on the Rams, but me personally, I want what’s best for Cam Akers.

Whatever is best for Cam is what I want for him," Ramsey said of Akers.

Ramsey on the Akers situation

Ramsey and Akers have the same agent, David Mulugheta. A few years ago, Ramsey wanted out of the Jacksonville Jaguars and his agent eventually got him out of Jacksonville.

“Regardless of how it was going to play out or what’s going on, all that little stuff and the details, I ain’t getting into that. That’s his business, but I’m supporting Cam. I’ll tell anybody that around the building and whoever asks me.

I support Cam Akers and what he’s got going on. I want what’s best for Cam Akers. Obviously, if he is able to play a significant amount of snaps and get the ball and do what everybody knows what he is capable of doing, then that’s better for the team.

That’ll make me happy on Sundays and practice and stuff like that. We all want what’s best for Cam. That’s who I am as a person. I’m supporting my brother before anything else," Ramsey explained. Meanwhile, the Rams are just 3-4 after their first seven games of the year.

This week, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer reported that coach Sean McVay's future with the Rams depends on how long the Big Four decide to be with the team - Ramsey, Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford. “I think the way the Rams view it right now is they’ve got a core of four players, and I think there’s also an acknowledgement—and this is also something that I’ve talked about the last few months—Sean McVay’s future with the team is probably tied to those four guys.

And, in all likelihood, when those guys are gone, McVay is going to be gone, too," Breer said. This Sunday, the Rams are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road.