Tom Brady opens up challenges he has faced in recent time

The past weeks haven't been easy for Brady.

by Dzevad Mesic
Tom Brady opens up challenges he has faced in recent time

Tom Brady noted that he is trying to do his best amid his personal life issues and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' struggles. Last Friday, Brady divorced his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bundchen. On the field, thing also haven't been great for Brady as the Buccaneers have lost three straight and are sitting at 3-5.

"I've always tried to do the best I could do here [at the Bucs' facility], and then when I leave here, I try to do the best I can do. That's what we all try to do. I'm sure everyone sitting in this room, everyone sitting at home, is trying to wake up every day doing the best they could do for their families and their career.

And I'm no different. So just do the best you can do every day. We certainly try to do," Brady said of the challenges he has faced, per ESPN.

Brady hoping the Bucs get it done this week

The Buccaneers are hosting the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday.

The Rams, who are the reigning Super Bowl champion, have also gotten off to a slow start to the season as they are just 3-4. Over the past two years, Brady has had zero wins and three losses versus the Rams. "I mean we're right in the middle of the year -- it's in the thick of the fight -- and we just haven't played well enough to get our record to a point where we can be super excited about what we're at.

It's not like it gets easier; it's not like it gets any less competitive. No one feels sorry for us, nor should they. They're trying to win those games. We're trying to win, and we just haven't done a good job the last six weeks doing that," Brady added.

This week, Brady has a chance to become the first player in NFL history to reach the 100,000 passing yards mark. Brady needs 164 yards against the Rams to reach that unique feat. "I think for me it's a credit to all the guys that I've played with, who have blocked for me, who have caught passes, and I think all those things are great celebration to all those guys.

I think of -- I can't do s--- in this league without guys doing what they are amazing at too. I feel like these are all, they're great achievements, but for as much as people want to say, 'Oh, this is what Tom Brady did,' in my mind, this is what myself and all these other people that have contributed to my life have done," Brady explained.

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