'Dejected' Tom Brady comments on Buccaneers' latest loss

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'Dejected' Tom Brady comments on Buccaneers' latest loss
'Dejected' Tom Brady comments on Buccaneers' latest loss (Provided by Sport World News)

Tom Brady looked absolutely dejected following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' latest loss as he admitted that the Buccaneers need to look themselves in the mirror and analyze what they need to do in order to improve. On Thursday Night Football, the Buccaneers suffered a 27-22 loss on their home field to the Baltimore Ravens.

For the Buccaneers, it was a third consecutive loss as they now stand at 3-5. "I don't think you can erase what happened the last eight weeks. We've gotta dig deep, see what we're all about, come to work, try to improve and give ourselves a better chance to win," Brady said, per ESPN.

After the game was over, Brady sat in his uniform, looking dejected. Buccaneers right tackle Tristan Wirfs felt for Brady and insisted that the team was doing its best to improve. "I know he's really hard on himself. We're all really hard on ourselves.

We're gonna do our best to get this thing fixed cuz this ain't a fun feeling right now," Wirfs said. Brady, who turned 45 in August, retired after the 2021 season but un-retired 40 days later. "I hope he plays as long as he can.

I'd love to play with him forever. I love Tom. I wish everything was going as perfect as possible for him, if it is the last year for him, or whatever. We're just trying to ball, and it's frustrating when stuff's not working and you don't have the answer in front of you," Wirfs added.

Mike Evans not blaming Brady

The Buccaneers have been struggling in recent weeks and Brady hasn't been playing up to his standard. However, Buccaneers star wide receiver Evans says nobody thinks Brady is the one to blame for their struggles.

"Nobody's pointing the finger at Tom Brady. It's a whole team. A team game. The ultimate team game. It's not just one player. It never has been," Evans said. Also, Evans added he understands why losing is such a tough pill to swallow for Brady.

"He's the best to ever do it. I mean, he hates losing. That's all he knows is winning and being 3-5 is not good enough, so we've gotta turn it around and soon," Evans added. Next Sunday, the Buccaneers are hosting the Los Angeles Rams. The Buccaneers have over a week to prepare for the Rams game.

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