Drew Brees says Saints 'all good' after Michael Thomas incident with coaching staff

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Drew Brees says Saints 'all good' after Michael Thomas incident with coaching staff

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees used the word "wild" to describe the game against the Los Angeles Chargers as he admitted the team made too many mistakes but fortunately didn't pay the price for it.

The Saints recovered from a 17-point deficit to beat the Chargers 30-27 in overtime on their home field. The Saints, a team considered as one of the favorites for this year's Super Bowl, haven't been playing especially great at the start of the season but they still have a positive 3-2 record.

"Yeah, this was a wild one," Brees, 41, said on the ESPN broadcast after the game, as quoted on ESPN. "So I know there's this exact number of 17, but I'm sure if we clumped in the 13s, 14s, 15s, there would be quite a bit more.

But the bottom line is we were not playing Saints football in the first half. There were too many mistakes that get you beat. "We shouldn't have had to mount the comeback we had to mount in order to win this game."

Brees says a team learns from tough wins like this one

"At the end of the day, these are growing experiences. These are learning experiences," Brees said. "And to have wins like this, where you really have to fight to win -- just like we did last week ...

this is how you grow as a team. This is how you become battle-tested. And I think it pays dividends as you move along here." On Sunday, it was announced that Saints superstar wide receiver Michael Thomas was suspended for Monday's game against the Chargers after an incident with his coach Sean Payton.

Before the incident, Thomas missed three games due to an ankle injury. "Mike is a big part of this team, and he's gonna be a big part of this team moving forward," Brees noted. "We had an incident, and Sean addressed it ...

and we're gonna be all good." Saints running back Alvin Kamara came up big for his team against the Chargers as he rushed for 45 yards and also had 74 receiving yards. Kamara acknowledged wins don't always come on a pretty way and the Chargers made them work hard for the win.

"Some games we get what we want more than other games. But it is what it is," Kamara said. "It's a different flavor to every game. And tonight was a dirty, dirty, dirty game. So we just had to claw and scratch and come out on top."