Mike Tomlin addresses reported yelling match between Mitch Trubisky, Diontae Johnson

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Mike Tomlin addresses reported yelling match between Mitch Trubisky, Diontae Johnson

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin didn't confirm nor deny the report which claimed that quarterback Mitch Trubisky and wide receiver Diontae Johnson had a yelling match at halftime of the game versus the New York Jets.

This week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette released a report, which claimed that Trubisky and Johnson got into during halftime in Week 4. Reportedly, that incident contributed to coach Tomlin benching Trubisky and replacing him with rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett.

ESPN's Brooke Pryor asked Tomlin about the report, and he simply stated that it was "their business." “If it were, do you think that I would share it with you in this environment? Probably not,” Tomlin said, via ESPN’s Brooke Pryor.

“Our business is our business and I understand it today’s climate, oftentimes there’s leaks, our business getting the street. But I’m not gonna acknowledge it or confirm it or deny it in these settings.

I’m just not, I ain’t got enough hours of my day for it. The things that happen among competitors from time to time is normal business. Everyone wants to win. If it transpired, it’s good. It probably means there’s a couple guys that wanted to win.

If it didn’t transpire, it probably means that it should have because we are aggressively pursuing victory. Sometimes that’s emotional”.

Trubisky replaced Pickett in Week 6

This past Sunday, Pickett started the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But after Pickett went into the concussion protocol, he was replaced by Trubisky. In his return to action, Trubisky helped the Steelers claim an upset 20-19 victory over the Buccaneers. “I went in there, really tried to play free, tried to stay aggressive.

If I looked relaxed, I mean I felt relaxed. It felt good. I would love to duplicate what we did," Trubisky said after the game. Trubisky was pretty productive in his short time on the field against the Buccaneers, completing 9-of-12 passes for 144 yards, a touchdown, and zero interceptions.

After the game, Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool - who caught what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown with just less than 10 minutes left in the game - praised Trubisky for how he handled the situation after entering the game.

“Mitch was put in a tough spot and he never wavered. Love that guy," Claypool said of Trubisky. This week, the Steelers are playing the Miami Dolphins and Trubisky is expected to get another start.