Jalen Ramsey predicts where Odell Beckham will sign

Ramsey and Beckham won the Super Bowl together last season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jalen Ramsey predicts where Odell Beckham will sign

Jalen Ramsey says he is "confident" Odell Beckham will sign with the Los Angeles Rams. Beckham, who sustained a torn ACL while playing for the Rams in last year's Super Bowl, is still a free agent. This week, Beckham suggested that he's being lowballed by the Rams.

When asked about Beckham's upcoming decision, Ramsey said he believes the star wide receiver will "return home." “No, I ain’t got to check in,” Ramsey said, per Pro Football Talk. “I know what’s up.

So we got a while anyway before Odell is back playing football, right? So he’s going to take care of himself, take care of his body, and when the time is right, I’m still confident that this will be home. But that’s up to him like at the end of the day.

Selfishly, obviously I want him here. But I want what’s best for him, like as a friend of him. I want what’s best for him”.

Ramsey 'not panicking' after a slow start to the year

The Rams' Super Bowl defence hasn't gotten off to a good start.

After five weeks, the Rams have a 2-3 record. But Ramsey says he is not concerned about the Rams, who are hosting the Carolina Panthers today. “I mean, if you have two bad weeks of your life at home out of 56 weeks, would you panic?” Ramsey said.

“Would you? Yeah, we got a long season to go. We got 12 games to go. Hopefully it is, but this might not be the only time that we lose two games in a row. Hopefully it is, but it might not be. You know what I mean? We got a long season to play, so I don’t know.

I kind of don’t get it like, the narrative of like, ‘Oh, we should be panicking or like, we’re just that bad or something right now.’ I don’t get it personally, because like everybody knows it’s a long season.

So I don’t really get that. But I mean, we kind of just leave that to like the media, social media, whoever wants to run with that narrative, right? Like, yeah, I don’t know. We kind of don’t think about that.

You saw undefeated teams last year that [were] losing the first round of the playoffs. So like, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on. Every week is a new week. We got to keep going. It’s any given Sunday in the NFL. It’s a long season ahead. We’ve got 12 games left”.

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