Commanders coach Ron Rivera strongly denies he didn't want Carson Wentz

The Commanders traded for Wentz this past offseason.

by Dzevad Mesic
Commanders coach Ron Rivera strongly denies he didn't want Carson Wentz

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera has strongly denied that the team traded for Carson Wentz only because team owner Dan Snyder said so. In a report published on ESPN. it was reported that Commanders owner Snyder pushed for the team to trade for Wentz.

After the Commanders claimed a 12-7 victory over the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football, Rivera addressed the reports that Wentz was there only because his owner wanted him. "Everybody keeps saying I didn't want anything to do with Carson, well, bulls---," Rivera said, per ESPN.

"I'm the f---ing guy that pulled out the sheets of paper, looked at the analytics, watched the tape when we were at Indianapolis, OK? And that's what pisses me off, 'cause the young man doesn't deserve to have that all the time."

It is all good between Wentz, Rivera

Earlier this week, Rivera was asked why all the NFC East teams expect the Commanders had a winning record.

He bluntly responded: "Quarterback." With that move, Rivera threw Wentz under the bus. Later, Rivera said he didn't mean to say it that way and apologized to Wentz. On Thursday night, the Commanders ended their four-game losing streak and improved to 2-4.

After the game, Wentz insisted everything was fine between him and Rivera. "Coach Rivera, he's awesome," Wentz said. "I've got a ton of respect for him, playing in this league for a while from afar, and getting to play for him is even better.

He speaks his mind and he'll be direct and to the point, and in this business that means a lot. Guys love that about him, and he's going to be straight up and very motivational. Guys respond to him very well. I'm appreciative of him." Meanwhile, Rivera said he is trying to focus on football, not "outside noise." "I'm trying to get beyond all the stuff that's on the outside as far as noise," Rivera said.

"What I'm focusing on is the development of this team. I don't want to get talking about something that I can't control. I have no input, I have nothing to do with that; what I want to do is everything in that room. And that's what I just wish we could stay focused on.

It's difficult, it's hard, but for whatever reason, we're going to stick to what's interesting and that's playing football."