Sean McVay responds to Odell Beckham suggesting Rams gave him low offer

Beckham is expected to be able to play in November but he is still without a team.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sean McVay responds to Odell Beckham suggesting Rams gave him low offer

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has suggested that the team is preparing to make another offer to Odell Beckham. Beckham, who sustained a torn ACL during the Super Bowl, is still a free agent. This week, Beckham seemingly confirmed that the Rams did make him an offer, but it was too low for a player of his calibre.

"LA knows where I wanted to be," Beckham tweeted. "But they didn't offer me ANYthing! So idk what people want me to do, I def kno my worth and what the offer was isn't reflective of that. So it's tough to say that I can come on back even tho I thought I finally found that home !" Following Beckham's comments on Twitter, Rams coach McVay was asked to give his thoughts.

McVay suggested that the Rams respect Beckham and that they are preparing to up their offer. "I love Odell," McVay said. "We have constant dialogue. He also knows that certainly I don't think that's the last [offer] that would come from us.

I'm not familiar with what it is. He knows how we feel about him. We've got a little bit of time. But [I] love Odell. Nothing but good things coming from me."

Beckham didn't visit the Buffalo Bills

In recent days, there were reports suggesting that Beckham visited the Bills.

Addressing those reports on Twitter, Beckham suggested they were fake news. “And da commments be funny den a bihhhh!,” he tweeted. “Folks n there talkin bout shxt they have ZERO idea about who I am as a person or a player n especially who I am on a team or in a locker room.

It be a constant reminder that y’all really don’t kno shxt at alll! Krazy world." Before the season began, Von Miller - who won the Super Bowl with Beckham last season - vouched for the Bills to sign Beckham. "Anything Von says I'm going to respect," Bills general manager Brandon Beane said in September.

"He wants to win and I want to surround myself with as many people like that as I can." Also, Beane suggested in September that the Bills could sign Beckham. "He's recovering like Tre [White] from an ACL," Beane said of Beckham.

"He's a talented player. Show me a talented player I'm not checking into. I'm always going to do that and whether that is a trade for someone or letting a guy get healthy. Again, the cap factors into it too." Beckham is expected to be ready to return to the field in November.

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