Commanders HC Ron Rivera issues apologiy after throwing Carson Wentz under the bus

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Commanders HC Ron Rivera issues apologiy after throwing Carson Wentz under the bus

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera has issued an apology to Carson Wentz after throwing him under the bus earlier this week. The Commanders, who own a 1-4 record, are the only team with a losing record in the NFC East.

When Rivera was asked why the remaining three teams in the division have winning records, he pointed out at the quarterback position. “The truth is that this is a quarterback-driven league,” Rivera said earlier this week.

“And if you look at the teams that have been able to sustain success, they’ve been able to build it around a specific quarterback”. Rivera throwing Wentz under the bus quickly spread as that was an indication that the Commanders weren't really happy with Wentz's performance.

Shortly after those remarks, Rivera apologized to Wentz. "I had a mea culpa moment," Rivera first told "The Dan Geronimo Show", per the NFL website. "I created a little bit of a distraction and that's one thing that I try not to do and it's one thing that I'm very aware of.

Again, it's one of those things that when you misstep, people can't wait to dive onto it and jump onto it and hold onto it without an opportunity (for you) to explain yourself. So, hey, that's on me. I should know better."

Rivera on if he realized those comments may have taken Wentz aback

"I do, but you know, at the end of the day, I spoke to my team this morning," Rivera answered.

"I basically told them I said some things that were misconstrued, I didn't present it properly, and that's on me. So I took accountability, told the guys that I should now better. And s---, I had a bad day. So I figured let's move forward." When Wentz was asked about Rivera's comments, he tried to downplay it as he insisted that everything was fine between him and his coach.

"Coach addressed it, handled it," he told reporters. "(It's) nothing, for me, that I'm overly concerned about it. Coach is a very straightforward, upfront guy, and he addressed it in the team meeting, which I thought was really cool, and what he meant by it all." Through the first five games of the season, Wentz has completed 62.9 of his passes, resulting in 1,390 passing yards, 10 touchdowns and six interceptions. On Thursday Night Football, the Commanders are playing the Chicago Bears.