KJ Hamler furious at Russell Wilson after he missed him on key play (WATCH)

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KJ Hamler furious at Russell Wilson after he missed him on key play (WATCH)

KJ Hamler was visibly irate after Russell Wilson didn't deliver him the ball when he was wide open on the final play of the game. On Thursday Night Football - on a fourth-and-one in overtime - Wilson targeted Courtland Sutton but the ball was deflected as the Indianapolis Colts beat the Denver Broncos 12-9.

After Wilson missed an open Hamler, the wide receiver lost his cool and started smashing his helmet onto the ground.

Addressing the media post-match, Hamler was visibly disappointed in the team's offense as he underlined that they have to do a better job of executing.

The Broncos' offensive struggles continued on Thursday Night Football as the team failed to score a single touchdown. "Got to finish, execute," Hamler said of the offensive struggles. "We just got to execute better. Defense [is] fighting their ass off, and we just got to back them up better.

I did everything I can. I fought my ass off. The offense fought its ass off."

Wilson responds to Hamler's frustration

The Broncos had a chance to kick a short field goal and tie the game to 12 points apiece. But they wanted victory and that's why they went for it on the fourth down.

Wilson felt the Broncos made the right decision to go for it but they just didn't execute well. "We had a good play call on. Guy made a good play. I was ready to move around if I needed to. We went for it. We didn't want to end in a tie, we wanted to win the game.

I've got to find a way to make a play, whatever it takes," Wilson reflected. Wilson hasn't gotten off to a good start to his tenure in Denver. On Thursday night, Wilson threw two costly interceptions that ultimately sealed their fate.

After the game, Wilson admitted that he felt like he let his team down. "We felt like we should have won that game. I felt like I let us down tonight. Lot of season left, lot of opportunity. [There is] so much good, but the bad is bad.

We should have won that game. It's on me," Wilson added. The Broncos offense has been poor at the start of the season. Going forward, Wilson has vowed to make changes that will help the team play better. "It's having these negative plays.

That's on us. That's all on us as players. It starts with me. It's not on coach Hackett, it's not on anybody else," Wilson concluded.