Cowboys owner Jerry Jones answers if Dak Prescott's job is in jeopardy

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones answers if Dak Prescott's job is in jeopardy

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has shut down the possibility of Cooper Rush being the Cowboys' starting quarterback when Dak Prescott returns from injury. A week ago, Jones said there could be a quarterback controversy if the Cowboys keep winning under Rush.

Now, with Prescott expected to return versus the Los Angeles Rams, Jones has confirmed that Prescott will be the starting quarterback when he does return. “No, all it does is tell me that we’re in great shape at the QB position,” Jones said, when asked if Rush could hold onto the job if the team keeps winning, per Machota.

In two starts, Rush is 2-0. On Monday Night Football, Rush led the Cowboys to a 23-16 victory over the New York Giants. After the game, Jones spoke highly of Rush and suggested he could be a star one day in the league.

Jones: Rush has a makeup of a top quarterback

"There's no question he understands this offense and he has a makeup of a top quarterback -- and I underline the word top -- and we're very fortunate," Jones said on Auducy's 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

"The very purpose of the backup quarterback is to step in and have your team function on all cylinders without having to give up some of your offense that the starter usually takes with him when he leaves. In this case you got somebody who knows this thing inside and out and he knows how to execute it.

And we're seeing he'll do that under pressure. He'll do that when the chips are down or do that when the play isn't happening the way it's designed to. He's doing all of those things right now." Praises have coming onto Rush's way in recent days.

This week, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy acknowledged that Rush has played well as the Cowboys' starting quarterback. "I think you have to recognize how he's played the quarterback position," Cowboys coach McCarthy said.

"He's played very well the last two weeks. He's in total command of the offense. We've been a full template as far as the things you try to get in and out of, and that's a credit to him." This Sunday, the Cowboys are hosting the Washington Commanders. It remains to be seen if Rush can lead the Cowboys to another victory.

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