Saquon Barkley shares thoughts on his return to old form

Barkley is having a great bounce back year so far.

by Dzevad Mesic
Saquon Barkley shares thoughts on his return to old form

Saquon Barkley feels he is again the old version of himself as he is thrilled about his start to the new season. Through the first three weeks, Barkley has 317 rushing yards - the second most this season. Also, Barkley has two touchdowns and he has been averaging six yards per carry.

On Monday Night Football, Barkley exploded for a 36-yard touchdown run versus the Dallas Cowboys "Yeah, not to be arrogant, but when you see plays like when I went back and watched film on the touchdown run I had on Monday, making that jump cut inside a hole, making those two guys miss and finding a way to score, those are plays where it just puts a smile on your face when you're like, 'That is the guy I know,'" Barkley said, per ESPN.

Barkley on returning to form: This is the guy I know

After being named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2018, Barkley started battling injuries and his game declined. After a couple of rough seasons, Barkley is back to feeling healthy and looking like one of the premiere running backs in the league.

"That is the guy who was always there," Barkley added. "He was there last year, to be completely honest. I just had a hard time finding a way to bring him out. That is coming with a mental disconnect, loss in confidence and just human nature.

It happens. You're going to have your ups and downs in life, but you have to find a way not to waver and trust yourself. Continue to trust the process and find belief in yourself again. I feel like I'm starting to do that." In the third quarter of Monday Night Football game versus the Cowboys, Barkley had a 36-yard touchdown run.

Now, Barkley revealed he felt there was one play earlier in which he felt he should have exploded for a big touchdown run. "I know I missed it before, and [quarterback Daniel Jones] was like, 'Hit that motherf-----," Barkley said.

"We hit it and we scored. Just little stuff like that is coming back. Just the trust in it." Despite Barkley's big performance, the Giants lost to the Cowboys. This Sunday, the Giants are playing the Chicago Bears. It remains to be seen if Barkley can continue his great form versus the Bears.