Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes gives credit to Raiders after shock Week 5 loss

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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes gives credit to Raiders after shock Week 5 loss

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was straight honest after his team suffered a shock loss against the Las Vegas Raiders as he admitted his team failed to deliver a good performance and paid the price for it.

Entering Sunday, the Raiders lost seven consecutive away games against the Chiefs. The Raiders were the big underdogs once again but the team from Las Vegas delivered a big performance to shock the Chiefs 40-32. "It's a learning lesson," Mahomes said, per ESPN.

"If you don't play your best football, you lose football games in this league, and we didn't play our best football today. We tried to battle at the end, but we don't play at a high-enough level against teams, then you're going to lose games."

Mahomes respects the Raiders

Mahomes completed 22 of 43 attempts for 340 yards, threw two touchdowns and also one interception. The Raiders won their opening two games of the season but then picked up back-to-back losses.

In Week 5, they returned to the winning column with a shock win over the reigning Super Bow champions. "I mean, you give them total respect," Mahomes added. "They have a lot of great players on their defense, so they're going to go out there and make plays.

But as far as us offensively, we've kind of done it these last few weeks ... where we didn't execute at a high-enough level to go out there. We've been known to score, and it caught up with us today, so we've got to go back and really look at ourselves in the mirror.

Me at quarterback and really not rely on these crazy plays where I'm scrambling around and throwing these shots, and just execute the offensive the way that it's called and the way [it's] supposed to be ran. And if we do that, we'll be a hard team to stop."

With two minutes left to play in the game, Raiders coach Jon Gruden went for fourth-and-inches as he didn't want to give Mahomes a chance to tie the ball game. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr made a successful quarterback sneak and that sealed the fate of the Chiefs.

"Not with [No.] 15 standing over there," Gruden said. "We just did not want to give Mahomes another crack at it. I marveled at a lot of the plays Derek made, and I certainly marvel at what Mahomes is able to do.

A lot of his offense is unscripted and very creative and created by him. Thank God we don't have to see them for a few weeks."