Stefon Diggs handed big fine for taunting Jalen Ramsey

Diggs taunted Ramsey after a great touchdown play.

by Dzevad Mesic
Stefon Diggs handed big fine for taunting Jalen Ramsey

Stefon Diggs has been fined $10,609 over taunting Jalen Ramsey during the Buffalo Bills' blowout win over the Los Angeles Rams. In the fourth quarter, Diggs caught a 53-yard touchdown pass that gave the Bills a 31-10 lead over the Rams.

After the highlight play, Diggs taunted Rams star cornerback Ramsey. Now, the NFL has fined Diggs just over $10k for his actions. Diggs is considered as one of the best wide receivers in the game, while Ramsey for years has been considered among top cornerbacks in the league.

But when the Bills and Rams met, it was Diggs who completely shined. At halftime, the two teams were tied at 10-10. The Bills then absolutely dominated the second half to claim a blowout win over the Rams. After the game, Diggs credited Bills offensive cordinator Ken Dorsey for the way they came out in the second half.

Diggs credited Bills OC Dorsey

"[Dorsey] came in at halftime and he understood that we couldn't ride the roller coaster," Diggs said. "There was gonna be ebbs and flows of the game. And as players and as a coach, he did some great things when he came in the locker room, calmed us down and said, 'Stop shooting ourself in the foot.'

" The Rams were playing their first game since winning the Super Bowl. When Diggs was asked whether he and his teammates considered it as "a signature win," he refused to make such a claim. "I wouldn't really say it was a signature win.

I would say it was the first game," Diggs said. "Because people win their first game and can lose every last one of them after that. So, try not to ride that wave. We did some good things, we had four turnovers. Four turnovers can cost you the game.

Luckily our defense, they stepped up, they played a hell of a game. We got to continue to get better on offense. We did some good things but got to get back in the lab." After the game, Ramsey was asked about his and overall the Rams' performance.

Ramsey was straight honest and admitted that the Bills simply dominated the Rams. "We got our ass beat. Straight up." When Bills wideout Gabe Davis was asked about Diggs and Ramsey trash-talking each other, he suggested there was nothing strange there.

"You've got the two top guys in the NFL competing against each other," Davis said of Diggs and Ramsey. "Both going to be talking back and forth, and we're going to see who comes out on top, you know. And 14 came out on top today, and that's what I expect from him."

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