Jerry Jones explains why he believes in Cooper Rush after Dak Prescott injury

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Jerry Jones explains why he believes in Cooper Rush after Dak Prescott injury
Jerry Jones explains why he believes in Cooper Rush after Dak Prescott injury (Provided by Sport World News)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insists he has the full belief in Cooper Rush to go out there and help the team win while Dak Prescott is out. Prescott, who underwent a surgery for a fractured finger early this week, is set to be out for at least next four games.

With Prescott sidelined, the Cowboys have named 28-year-old backup quarterback Rush. Last season, Rush started one game for the Cowboys and led the team to a victory over the Minnesota Vikings. This Sunday, the Cowboys are hosting the Cincinnati Bengals.

Rush has been with the Cowboys since 2020 and he is well familiar with the team's offense. “I think Rush is up to the task of winning ball games for us, and I think he certainly has had a lot of experience in this offense,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, per the Dallas Morning News.

“He and Kellen Moore have been joined at the hip for a long time. So, I like who we’re lining up out there to give us a start right there. Dak is one of the best there is at finding the open guy and going to the right guy.

Rush can do it, too”.

Jones voices belief in Rush

After Prescott went down injured, some thought that the Cowboys should address the quarterback problem by signing or trading for another quarterback. But Jones believes that addressing the issue within the team is better than going out and bringing another quarterback that's not familiar with the team's offense.

Jones spoke with a non-Cowboys coach, who advised him to stick with the quarterbacks he currently has on his roster. Also, Jones noted that American football is a team sports and that everybody now needs to step up. “Our team will address this literally from within — from within,” Jones said.

“I was talking with a great coach last night, and not on our staff, and he had similar situations, and it’s not a coach that’s coached here. And he said, ‘You look for the answer maybe outside, maybe another quarterback.’ And he said, ‘The answer is from within,’ and he told of a season where he lost his quarterback and turned it around and won four of the next five.

He said everybody’s got to be a little bit better. Block, you got to hold your block longer. You got to do a little bit better. Everybody steps up and is a little bit better and you realize at the end of the day that this was a team game and that everybody, all 40 of them, had to go out there and step their game up."

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