Stefon Diggs comments on Bills ousting Rams in Week 1

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Stefon Diggs comments on Bills ousting Rams in Week 1
Stefon Diggs comments on Bills ousting Rams in Week 1 (Provided by Sport World News)

Stefon Diggs credits Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey for the team's great second half versus the Los Angeles Rams. In the first game of the 2022 season, the Bills defeated the Rams 31-10 at SoFi Stadium. The two teams were tied to 10 points apiece at halftime, before the Bills absolutely dominated the second half.

The Bills came out firing in the second half, scoring touchdowns in each of their three possessions. The Bills had two turnovers in the first half and Dorsey wanted hi team to "stop shooting ourself in the foot." "[Dorsey] came in at halftime and he understood that we couldn't ride the roller coaster," Diggs said, per ESPN.

"There was gonna be ebbs and flows of the game. And as players and as a coach, he did some great things when he came in the locker room, calmed us down and said, 'Stop shooting ourself in the foot.' "

Diggs on the Bills beating the Rams

Diggs had a great performance versus the Rams as he caught eight balls for 122 yards and one touchdown.

The Bills ousted the reigning NFL champion in Week 1, but Diggs insists there is a lot of job left to be done. "I wouldn't really say it was a signature win. I would say it was the first game," Diggs said. "Because people win their first game and can lose every last one of them after that.

So, try not to ride that wave. We did some good things, we had four turnovers. Four turnovers can cost you the game. Luckily our defense, they stepped up, they played a hell of a game. We got to continue to get better on offense.

We did some good things but got to get back in the lab." The Bills defense also did an outstanding job as they sacked Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford seven times. Two of those seven sacks came from Von Miller, who replaced the Rams with the Bills this offseason.

"I did everything I could possibly do to have success in this game, and today was fun," Miller said. "I didn't feel like I had anything to worry about. I already thought about things that possibly happen on the field. It was a great reception from everybody over there at the Ram side." The Bills host the Tennessee Titans in Week 2.

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