Tom Brady addresses concerns regarding depleted Buccaneers' offensive line

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Tom Brady addresses concerns regarding depleted Buccaneers' offensive line

Tom Brady is rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive linemen to prove the doubters wrong this upcoming season. This offseason, the Buccaneers lost several key players on the offensive line as Ali Marpet announced a sudden retirement from football, Alex Cappa signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, while Ryan Jensen suffered a knee injury during training camp.

"It's going to be a challenge," Brady said on his podcast, per CBS Sports. But Brady believes the Buccaneers have the guys that can step up and provide him a good protection. "We've got Shaq Mason, who I love to death," Brady said.

"I've played with him a long time, I know what he's all about. Robert Hainsey, he earned the respect of his teammates with his work ethic and him showing up every day last year. He's going to step in and try to do a good job.

And we've got a left guard who is battling every day. Luke [Goedeke] has done a great job for us in training camp. We drafted him to come in here and play. We'll see if he can get in there and be prepared to do a great job."

Brady to his teammates: Take it to heart and then prove the doubters wrong

On paper, the Buccaneers still have one of the best teams in the NFL.

But there are concerns regarding their offensive line and how well they can protect Brady this season. Brady has heard and read what has been said about the Buccaneers' offensive line. Now, he is hoping the Bucs' offensive line corps steps up and makes the doubters eat their words.

"I hope they take it to heart, all the things that people have said about them, which has not always been the most flattering things," Brady said. "But like all of us, we have to go out there and earn it and either prove them right or prove them wrong.

I think I've always used little different [criticisms] as motivation for me. I'm a really motivated person, but it always helps when someone says something that's not flattering." The Buccaneers' offensive line will be tested on Week 1 when they take on the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have a star pass rusher in Micah Parsons, who was a menace in his rookie season. It remains to be seen how will the Buccaneers' offensive line do in Week 1 and if they can stop Parsons from getting to Brady.

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