49ers general manager John Lynch makes one thing clear regarding Trey Lance

The 49ers kept Jimmy Garoppolo but Lance is set to start.

by Dzevad Mesic
49ers general manager John Lynch makes one thing clear regarding Trey Lance

San Francisco general manager John Lynch has underlined that the team is fully committed to Trey Lance and that they have the full confidence in the 2021 third overall pick. After the 2021 season ended, everyone knew about the 49ers' plans to trade veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and name Lance as their new starting quarterback.

Fast forward eight months later, the 49ers have kept Garoppolo in a stunning twist. But their plans haven't changed as they still plan to have Lance as their starting going forward. After the 49ers announced their decision to keep Garoppolo, some started speculating that the 49ers may not be sure about Lance.

"Just like we've stated many times, we're very committed to Trey Lance," Lynch said on KNBR's "Murph & Mac" show. "We've got a lot of believe in Trey."

Garoppolo set to be Lance's backup

The 49ers and Garoppolo agreed to restructure the final year of his contract.

Because of that, they're able to continue together. 49ers owner Jed York confirmed that he was okay with the front office's decision to keep Garoppolo. "I've said this before, you can't have enough good quarterbacks and good football players," York told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami.

"I'm not going to get into roster discussions and what John (Lynch) and Kyle (Shanahan) want to do. But I will support them in sort of anything that they want to make this team as good as it can possibly be. I watched it with Joe and Steve, and I realize the salary cap is different today than having no salary cap.

But we've said it before: We're happy to keep Jimmy. We're happy to have him on the roster. And if that's the case, then that's the case." Some think that keeping Garoppolo might cause some tension between him and Lance. But 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan insists that Lance absolutely loves having Garoppolo around.

“Trey was great,” Shanahan said. “There were no problems with it at all. I told him the exact same things that I told Jimmy. The option of bringing Jimmy here, that it had to be in a backup-type deal, which Jimmy knew that was his option and that was the only option.

And we told that to Trey also. Trey and Jimmy have a great relationship. Trey actually likes having Jimmy in the building and Trey was very grateful to how Jimmy was to him last year." It remains to be seen how far can Lance get the 49ers this season.

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