Tom Brady addresses rumors of wanting to join other teams

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Tom Brady addresses rumors of wanting to join other teams
Tom Brady addresses rumors of wanting to join other teams (Provided by Sport World News)

Tom Brady insists the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were really the only team for which he wanted to play after deciding to un-retire. This month, the Miami Dolphins were fined after being found guilty of "impermissible communications" with Brady in 2019 and 2020, while he was still under the contract with the New England Patriots.

The Dolphins were found guilty of the same offence this offseason as they apparently made contact with Brady after the 2021 season. When Brady was asked about his apparent desire to join the Dolphins this offseason, he refuted it by insisting the Buccaneers were his only consideration.

Also, UFC president Dana White claimed a week ago that Brady and Rob Gronkowski to the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020 was "a done deal." "I read all these stories about all these different places I was supposed to go or could have gone, and I'm like, 'I only was going to go to one place, which was here,'" Brady said, via CBS Sports.

"I think this whole organization knows that and all the conversations we've had over a period of time, I chose the right place for me."

Brady on his time with the Buccaneers

Since joining the Buccaneers, Brady has added one more Super Bowl ring to his name.

Brady feels his time with the Buccaneers has been a success so far and he is looking forward to hopefully doing more big things in Tampa Bay. "I think since I came to this organization, it's been amazing," Brady said. "It's just been an amazing experience for me to come to this place and be as supported as I have over a long period of time." Also, Brady took a moment to express his gratitude toward Buccaneers co-owner Joel Glazer, general manager Jason Licht, coach Todd Bowles and ex-coach Bruce Arians.

"I'm very proud of the effort that everyone's put in to make the relationship work," Brady said. "Joel has been amazing. Jason's a great friend of mine -- Bruce, Todd, all the coaches -- it's been an amazing relationship and I'm very grateful to everybody for allowing me to come down here and experience this part of my football life which, I look back, it would probably be incomplete had I not had it. I'm happy I've had it." The Buccaneers open their season by playing the Dallas Cowboys.

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