Aaron Rodgers drops praise on Jordan Love

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Aaron Rodgers drops praise on Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers is noticing positive changes in Jordan Love's game as he insists the 23-year-old is "becoming a master of the offense." The Packers drafted Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft but he didn't show much in his first two seasons.

This preseason, Love is showing signs of growth and the Packers are optimistic that he will eventually turn into a good quarterback. "The reads and stuff, just understanding the offense, I think he's definitely become a master of the offense," Rodgers said, via USA Today.

Love didn't really show much in his first two seasons and that led to some thinking it was only a matter of time the Packers decide to move on from him. "It's just the little things that are really going to help him level up, and a lot of it is footwork and little things like arm angles on run action, his keeper fakes, his hard-action fakes, his run solutions and RPO game, helping to marry up with the running game.

That's what I like seeing," Rodgers added.

Love receives praise from Rodgers and coach Matt LeFleur

On Thursday, the Packers suffered a 17-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in their preseason finale. Love went 16-of-26 for 148 yards and an interception.

"I think early on there wasn't really a lot open for him and he was under some duress," LaFleur said. "The one thing I loved about it is, when the game doesn't start out the way you want it to, how do you respond? I thought he showed a lot of resiliency, and I think that just shows the maturation process that he has done over the last couple years." Even though Love had an interception, LaFleur noted that his stats weren't really the indication of the performance he had.

LaFleur thought that Love actually did a very good job. "I thought there was a lot of good things out there. I always look at the numbers at the end of it and I am like, that doesn't make sense," LaFleur said. "I thought he did a lot of good things, but we will take a look at the tape.

I am sure there is always something to clean up, but all in all, I thought Jordan did a lot of good things out there." Going into the 2022 season, Love is quarterback No. 2 behind Rodgers.

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