Chelsea Pitman on the match with Jamaica and problems off the field


Chelsea Pitman on the match with Jamaica and problems off the field
Chelsea Pitman on the match with Jamaica and problems off the field

In an exclusive interview with Metro, Chelsea Pitman talked about many topics. One of the topics was the first match against Jamaica, in which her team won. "It was a great atmosphere in Manchester, we couldn’t hear each other in the warm-up and that’s what you want!

These are the moments you remember and we have high hopes for the games in London (matches two and three on Saturday and Sunday) against a team vying for the top three in the world, who are really exciting to watch and will push us all the way."- Pitman said.

The Commonwealth Games were difficult for her team. They expected much more. "I was part of the long squad for the Games but felt the emotions of that loss of our title. We devote our lives to what we do and sacrifice so much – to feel something so heartbreaking is part of sport and we have to turn that hurt into a positive and aim for the World Cup this summer now.

The Commonwealths is in the past."

Chelsea Pitman and her career

Pitman didn't have a great career due to injuries and situations off the field, but she showed her courage and determination many times. "I’d love to think I can provide that.

When I was younger, I had my setbacks but it’s allowing the girls to have that growth themselves, find their own path, but hopefully I can provide wise words at times." Pitman also revealed how she became a police officer.

"As a kid, you get asked ‘What do you want to be?’ and I drew a picture, which my Mum still has, where I wrote ‘I want to be a police officer and catch the baddies’! In netball, we’re not as well-paid as athletes in other sports but the game is going in the right direction, so that hopefully all girls will be 100 per cent full-time in it someday soon."


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