Nets view Kevin Durant's discussion with owner as 'part of the process'

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Nets view Kevin Durant's discussion with owner as 'part of the process'

ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne is reporting that the Brooklyn Nets viewed their meeting with Kevin Durant as "part of the process." Last week, Nets owner Joe Tsai met with Durant in London to discuss the current situation between the two sides.

On June 30, Durant requested a trade from the Nets. Since the Nets weren't receiving the offers they were hoping for Durant, they didn't trade him at the start of free agency. Durant met with Nets owner Tsai last week, the meeting during which he told the owner to trade him or get rid of coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks.

On NBA Today, Shelbourne revealed the details of a conversation she presumably had with a Nets insider. “I just spoke to someone close the situation,” Shelbourne said, per Nets Daily. “In the latest meeting between Durant and Joe Tsai in London last week, a lot than Durant’s feelings about Steve Nash and Sean Marks was discussed and the Nets viewed the meeting as, quote, part of the process, unquote.

It important, the source said, that Tsai hear Durant out and understand where Durant is coming from. Yes, Durant reiterated his request to be traded but this meeting was far more specific than the first meeting at the end of June and subsequent conversations Durant and his camp have had with Tsai”.

Durant still wants out

The Nets now have a better understanding of why Durant is unhappy and why he wants out. But the situation is far from resolved as Durant reiterated his desire to get traded. Bobby Marks, who is the NBA Front Office insider for ESPN, suggested that Durant has made a mess of his situation.

“A year from now, Kevin Durant will look back on this situation and wish he had a do-over, not due to the fact that he asked to be traded — every player has a right to be traded — but how he has handled this situation as far as what has transpired the last couple of days,” said Marks.

“This doesn’t force the issue. For Sean Marks or Steve Nash or Joe Tsai to say, ‘you know what, now we have to trade him and now we have to set up an artificial timeline.’ The offers are the offers!” The Nets are reportedly ready to trade Durant but they are not receiving the offers they would like for Durant.

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