NBA executive explains how LeBron James' future affects Anthony Davis


NBA executive explains how LeBron James' future affects Anthony Davis

An anonymous NBA executive claims some within the Los Angeles Lakers "would not mind" seeing what they could get in return for Anthony Davis. The Lakers went all in to acquire Davis in 2019 and that has paid off since the Lakers won the championship the following season.

Last week, LeBron James officially became eligible for a two-year extension with the Lakers. James pushed hard for a Davis trade and the anonymous Western Conference executive noted the Lakers likely won't be making any moves surrounding Davis if James signs an extension.

Davis has two years left on his contract and the executive believes Davis will be there as long as James is. “A lot of that depends on where LeBron winds up,” an anonymous Western Conference executive told Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports.

“If he stays in Los Angeles and he stays a Laker, he had a lot personally invested in AD being there so, yes, in that case, Davis stays. But it is not a sure thing. There are some in that organization who would not mind seeing what they can bring back for AD, but they would not do it with LeBron there.

You get to 2024, though, and maybe things change. The Lakers have AD for two more years for sure, and they can only hope he stays healthy. But after that, they have to think, is this guy really our future? He can’t stay on the floor.

And he has to think, do I want to be here without LeBron? That’s why the Lakers do not want to give up those future picks”.

Davis aims a big bounce back season

Davis played a key part in the Lakers' championship run in the bubble.

Since then, Davis has struggled with injuries and that's one of the biggest reasons why the Lakers didn't enjoy postseason success in the last two seasons. Going into the new season, Davis is working extremely hard as he wants to prove that he can stay healthy and that he is still a superstar in the league.

“He’s bought in, and I think he’s quietly put together one of the biggest offseasons of his career,” Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka said. “You can just tell. He’s got a very serious tone about him.

Last year didn’t unfold the way that any of us wanted, and I think everyone’s gonna come back with a chip on our shoulder, and AD’s gonna lead us with that. I think he’s working hard. I know he’s working really hard on his body."

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