Jayson Tatum responds to rumored Jaylen Brown-Kevin Durant trade


Jayson Tatum responds to rumored Jaylen Brown-Kevin Durant trade

Jayson Tatum says Kevin Durant is a great players but adds he loves Jaylen Brown and his teammates. On Monday, ESPN's NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Celtics made an offer for Durant. Per The Athletic, the Celtics offered Brown, Derrick White and a draft pick to the Brooklyn Nets for Durant.

That offer was from the one the Nets were seeking but there is a belief that the Celtics may improve their offer and still end up with Durant. "I played with [Durant] during the Olympics," Tatum said, per ESPN. "Obviously, he's a great player, but that's not my decision.

I love our team. I love the guys that we got." The Celtics, led by Tatum and Brown, reached the NBA Finals this past season. This offseason, the Celtics improved their roster by adding Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Galinari.

Tatum happy with what the Celtics have

"We got two new pieces [in Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari]," Tatum said.

"I love our team. I just go out there and play with my teammates. I don't put that [general manager] hat on to make decisions." Durant requested a trade from the Nets in late June but nothing has happened yet. Durant has been pretty quiet throughout the entire process and some think he may change his mind and stay in Brooklyn.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst explained that the Nets with Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are still one of the best teams in the league and that Durant changing his mind would make sense. "I can’t believe what I am about to say,” Windhorst began, laughing.

“The Brooklyn Nets have had a good off-season. In a vacuum, they have gotten healthier. They have added supporting pieces. There’s optimism Ben Simmons is going to be better. And I think looking at the menu of options, the Nets are kinda like, ‘Kyrie, Kevin, take a look here.’ What I will say is nobody knows what Kevin Durant is thinking right now.

His communication with teammates and others in the league has been sparse. I don’t even think that the Nets have a 100 percent understanding of why Kevin asked for a trade. He spoke to the owner in Joe Tsai, but I’m not sure that the Nets are 100 percent on the understanding of it.

I think really that the next step in this, barring a team’s change of heart to meet the Nets price, which I don’t see at this point in the calendar. I think we’re going to have to hear from Kevin Durant about how open he is to running it back with the Nets. So here we go, as everyone breaks for the summer, waiting for that to happen”.

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